EO4Infrastructures Project

The Infrastructure Mapping and Planning (EO4Infrastructures) is a two years application project within the Science for Society slice of the 5th Earth Observation Envelope Programme (EOEP-5) of the European Space Agency [ESA Frame Contract No. 4000129781/20/I-EF].

The EO4Infrastructure project is conceived as EO application project that aim at developing innovative EO products and methods in response to authoritative end-user requirements and to prepare the ground for a long-term exploitation by large user communities through dedicated down-stream services.


Users and providers

EO4Infrastructures brings together Europe’s most important railway operators, with their particularities with respect to main damage sources but also due to differing regulations, workflow, etc. Such End-Users are an integral part of the project and will follow the whole project workflow from design up to validation and uptake.

End-users are supported by three expert EO data and services providers, that will guide the end-users in the choice, implementation and testing of the solutions.

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